Ginga e Kickoff!! – 35

sm2345 went to bed, so I release this.
Have a nice day and enjoy your snack~

Note: sm2345 plz add picture when you wake up.

[Doremi-Oyatsu] Ginga e Kickoff!! – 35 (1280×720 8bit h264 AAC) [EA24FF00].mkv

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sm Edit: Hey there, everyone. I know you’re quite disappointed, and perhaps a bit enraged at how there have been very few releases of Ginga even though the series has ended.

It’s totally my fault. Things have gotten much more busier for me nowadays (since February to be precise), with 9-7 uni and its assignments, as well as extra weekend classes.

So well, I’ll try to do these ASAP, and get them out ASAP. And I’m afraid no pentuple or quintuple release this time, sorry.

Thanks a lot for your understanding. See you soon with moar releases then. 🙂

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17 Responses to Ginga e Kickoff!! – 35

  1. guywhowaitedamonth says:

    I have been systematically stalking oyatsu for the past month. Every day. Waiting. And finally its here. And….


    Thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you.



  2. Vadym says:

    Thank You!

  3. Akira says:

    Yay!! Thank you so much guys!!

  4. Zero Wing says:

    I can tell you that waiting has value. The value is about equal to the effort put in. Thanks for your efforts.

  5. elianthos says:

    thank you :,D

  6. GinoTH says:

    So close to finish this surprisingly great anime (at first I didn’t think I’m gonna like it that much), and with all the up’s and down’s we saw along the way (almost a year)… I just wanna say… “I’m still here, and waiting for the end”.

    Thks a lot… really.

    To give all something in return, here I have the ending song in PV version. Its raw, but… Not for long. ^_^

    Link: End theme ‘Ginga e kickoff!’ – [URL=] Jinsei wahaha – by Fudanjuku [/URL]

    Hope you all like it.
    By the way… its a new filehosting I’m working about a month. Its free and some good qualities.

  7. leomac says:

    Finally. Thanks man it was getting a bit frustrating checking the site and with no ginga everyday. i appreciate the time and effort it must take to finish this along with your other activities. Thanks and looking forward to a great end quick finish to the series.

  8. Necrontyr says:

    ¡Vamos Madrid!

  9. Ell says:

    Thank you for the release!!!!!!!!!
    Good luck with the UNI!

  10. art17 says:

    Thanks for your hard work, you take your time and ignore the ungrateful fags who demand releases as if you’re their employee, I was an english-spic translator, but I quit because I was busy and got fed up of the fags that only contacted me to demand faster releases but never thanked me, keep the good work, the anime fans who know the effort and what it takes to make a sub will wait patiently.

    • Stöt says:

      It’s like you’re bashing an open door, really. I don’t remember a single comment on Ginga’s latest 10+ releases on this site that has been disrespectful or ungrateful. If anything, I’m amazed by the patience and respect these comment fields are filled with for each episode.

      Anyway, it’s sound advice, but totally unwarranted.

      On topic: 90% on Ginga 36? Awesome! Maybe a new episode on tuesday, that’d be perfect!

      • art17 says:

        I know I’m bashing an open door, but given the fact that you’re surprised that there weren’t ungrateful comments stands my point, the fact I just don’t get is Why is sm2345 apologizing? this is a subject that pisses me off, hence I gave my opinion as an ex english-spic translator that received 10/1 insults- thanks.

  11. tony says:

    I believe you should look at both sides. Yes its true that fan subs don’t have have to do this and with out them we would t even have a chance of watching anime. So yes a shout out for them and many thanks for there hard work. However i do believe that u should only start something if ur sure that you can keep up with it. For instance if this was a popular anime like Naruto or One piece and it was 4 ep behind i believe somebody’s head would be lost 🙂 Well anyway GL and thanks for the hard work. im not trying to hate just saying look at both sides before you start saying stuff.

  12. art17 says:


    I’m looking at both sides like I wrote, I was an anime and manga translator, so I know the effort you have to put to translate, now I am on the fans’ side, I know the pressure of translating the big three series, but on series like this, when there’s only one fansub working on it, you see the huge amount of fags who don’t thank you and just whines to fansubbers, if you don’t believe I’m a translator, just search for spic subs of melty blood act 2, my last work, because I’m now too busy to make more translations and I’ve had enough of fags who whines like they’re paying you.

    tl;dr I’ve been on both sides, so I can say stuff.

  13. tony says:

    Just to say that wasn’t really directed towards you just in general and like i said i don’t mean to hate on anyone and i can only imagine the time and effort it takes to sub a anime. I am truly grateful for fan subs work. Im sorry if it came out like im a whinny little bitch. I also hope you might consider being a translator again. I think some one like you who has seen both sides would be a valuable asset 🙂

    • art17 says:

      I don’t think that you’ve sounded like a whinny bitch, because you’ve acknowledged fansubber work, you sound as I don’t know anything and just were kissing ass (now that I think about it, that wouldn’t be bad either, given the effort that fansubbers make to sub anime for free), but it’s okay, dude, about subbing again, maybe later, now I’m really busy with my job 🙂

      • sm2345 says:

        Glad to see everyone cleared up their doubts and differences. ^_^

        Well, art17, it’s not that I don’t understand how you feel… We’ve been bashed in the past too, due to various reasons… But yeah, without the fans’ support, it’d be very very hard for us to continue subbing.

        As for why I apologize, well, people do wait for us, regardless if they’re willing to or not. And the sporadic release schedule might often cause their watching schedules to be messed up, probably lowering their enjoyment in the process. But yeah, I do feel bad when things get stalled due to reasons that are within and not within my control. Maybe that’s why.

        And sorry to hear about your past experience. Maybe next time will be better. 🙂 Good luck with that and stuff.

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